Music is a very important part of my life. I listen to stuff like Portishead, Depeche Mode, The Sundays, Tori Amos and most of all ... The Cure. I have been a Cure fan for as long as I can remember .. to be a bit more specific.. about 8 years.

I have seen them 5 times ..... The first time I ever saw them was during the Wish Tour unfortunately I lost my ticket stub but the show was at Nassau Coliseum I don't remember the date =( The second and third and forth time I saw them was during the Swing tour .. I saw them on July 9 at Nassau Coliseum, and September 16 and 17 at Radio City Music Hall. The last time I saw them was October 31, 1997 at Irving Plaza in NY.

My favorite Cure song is Charlotte Sometimes, my favorite Cure album is Pornography.

The Cure - A Chain of Flowers
To The Sky
Stiff as Boys and Tall as Men
Prayers For Rain
Fascination Street
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